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Homelight Elegant steel windows

STEEL the best value for money

Enjoy the unique benefits of steel
Steel windows are the most cost-effective, long-lasting and secure windows you can buy, with impeccable environmental credentials all backed up by Crittall's 150 years of market leading experience. Neither aluminium, timber, nor plastic can replicate this combination of qualities.

Minimum sightlines
The inherent strength of hot-rolled steel windows allows frames to be slender thus reducing sightlines and maximising daylight penetration. An unrivalled light and airy appearance is the result, but without compromising performance.

Elegance and versatility
The simple, aesthetic elegance of steel means it is suited to both traditional and contemporary building designs; for internal as well as external fenestration; to achieve either subtlety or impact.

Strength and security
Steel is unsurpassed in strength while offering greater design flexibility than other frame materials. The secure Homelight window is augmented by locking handles and peg stay clamps.

High performance with minimal maintenance

Homelight steel windows are hot-dipped galvanised with an in-house Duralife polyester powder coating. Put simply, they will last a lifetime. Painting is a thing of the past resulting in a window that is virtually maintenance-free. Frames only need to be washed clean.

All Homelight windows are weatherstripped and available double-glazed. They are UK manufactured to meet all appropriate British Standards and the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations, as amended in 2006.

Direct easy replacement
The Homelight range is suitable for both new buildings and the direct replacement of existing steel windows. The frames are made in standard metric sizes that replicate exactly the Imperial measurements of the original Crittall windows.

CHOICE of styles and finishes

A wide range of Homelight windows

A wide range includes all the popular combinations of side hung, top hung and fixed light windows with three basic styles available (see below).

Modern Large Pane
Picture Window
Small Pane
'Georgian' Style
Classic Style
horizontal Pane

What you purchase as standard

All opening lights and doors are weatherstripped for elimination of draughts and to prevent heat loss

Double glazing
All Homelight windows are either 16mm (DG version) or 24mm (L version) for energy-saving and acoustic efficiency. (Single glazing option is available)

All windows are hot dipped galvanised after manufacture to British Standard requirements ensuring the finished products are completely protected against corrosion

Duralife finish
All windows are chemically cleaned and then coated as standard with white Duralife polyester powder coating in accordance with the British Standard

Side Hung
Friction easy clean hinge
Satin chrome handle
Top Hung
Non projecting hinge
Satin chrome peg stay
Use the heavier W20 section Satin anodised lever handle and 5-lever mortice lock Thumbturn at head and cill (door interior) Double doors have concealed bolts at head and cill of first closing leaf

Choice of joint details

Fenestra joint
Standard for single glazed. Only available from Crittall, the Fenestra Joint was patented by Crittall in the early 1900s and revolutionised the steel window industry. By weaving the intersection muntins, the joint produces unsurpassed strength.

Heritage Glazing Bar
Standard for double glazed unit (DG version) in small pane, Georgian style and classic style horizontal pane. Standard for double glazed unit (L version).

Building Regulations Part L
The Homelight L range is designed to enable compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales as amended in 2006 whilst still keeping the narrow sightlines and maximum daylight. Refer to our catalogue No 260. Steel Windows - revised PART L explained for more details.

Side Hung
Top Hung
Fenestra Joint - Heritage Glazing Bar
Homelight Door Homelight L Window

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