Perforated MDF Panels

Radiator Grills:

Easily fitted to standard or bespoke surrounds, these grills can be finished in a variety of ways for all environments.

Partitions and Screens

Ideal for use in public areas to create divisions without completely enclosing a part of a restaurant, reception area, or office.

Door Panels

Perforated panels can be applied to doors, fabric backgrounds or mirrors to create diverse decorative effects. Alternatively, they can be used alone to provide ventilation where needed.

*The designs Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin, Lisbon and Florence are held in stock in size 1830x610 (nominal) manufactured from 4mm thick sanded Medite MDF which conforms to EN622-1:Class A low formaldehyde type.

Berlin - Open area : 36% approx
Oslo - Open area : 44% approx

Helsinki - Open area : 36% approx
Florence - Open area : 25% approx

Lisbon - Open area : 48% approx

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