Each board is constructed from multiple
layers of wood pressed together. The top
solid wood layer is available in a wide
variety of species, finishes and thicknesses
to accommodate all tastes and requirements.
It is supported by a central core and backing
board to give the floor increased stability.

Thus the development of a floor that is multi-layered in construction and provides:

  1. Greater stability.
  2. The very best use of a natural resource in the least wasteful and the most practical way.
  3. A product that in some cases can be laid and re-laid many times making it both economical and re-usable.
  4. A product that can be used safely in conjunction with underfloor heating subject to certain conditions.
  5. A product that can be laid much faster resulting in lower fitting costs, and, if pre-finished, can be used immediately after installation.
  6. A greater range of design possibilities offering single plank, two strip and three strip options.

*Expansion and contraction of the softwood core due to seasonal changes in humidity may produce a squeaking sound if the subfloor is not perfectly flat. Waxing of the joints can eliminate this

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