Board Cutting

We specialise in the cutting of boards and sheet material; especially if you want sheet material cut to accurately & fast! We have invested in a Scheer PA5500 Production Beam Saw, with computer software to enable us to optimise your cutting list, to minimise waste per sheet. Each and every panel is then cut within 0.2mm accuracy.

The opening times for the cutting shop at the Worthing branch are:
Monday to Friday - 8.00am to 4.30pm
Saturday - 8.00am to 11.40am

Our saw can cut sheets up to 3.05m wide x 3.05m long with a maximum cutting height of 65mm. It is built with 2 blades, 1 specifically designed to cut the under side of the panel, with this, our experience and quality control, we can ensure that all our panels are chip free.

The Scheer PA5500 saw carriage is supported on ground steel bars on both sides eliminating the tendency of the blade to incline due to the weight of the motors.

The blade and carriage are therefore perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity. This gives a smooth movement and an improved quality of cut.

Unlike other machines the main and scriber blades are driven directly through a gear box transferring motor power to the blades without the need for belts. This results in higher torque without stress on the shaft and bearings.

Due to the accuracy of the guidance system and the rack and pinion drive Scheer are able to guarantee an accuracy of 0.2mm over the entire length of the cut, not per metre as on other saws.For improved cross cutting performance the saw blade cuts towards the fence rather than away from it, eliminating the tendency of smaller rips to move away from the fence during the cutting cycle.

The side aligner is controlled automatically and positioned in accordance to the programme being executed.

Programmes feature real time simulation allowing the operator to clearly see at what point of a cutting pattern the machine is at any given time.