Far Eastern WBP Plywood

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Far Eastern WBP Plywood

Far Eastern Plywood is an exterior grade plywood available in a range of thickness and can be used in exterior and interior applications, all boards are made from good quality timber supplied in 8' x 4' sheet sizes. Far Eastern Plywood is a wood-based panel product consisting of layers of veneers glued together, with the direction of the grain in adjacent layers usually at right angles, strong and durable has a variety of uses from roofing and flooring to hoarding and walling.


The range of product applications for Far Eastern Plywood Includes:

  • Roofing
  • Wall Panels
  • General Construction
  • Cabinets
  • Doors
  • Displays

Structural Characteristics

There is always an odd number of veneers and each ply is at a right angle to the one below, this gives the material it's strength. The more veneers used, the stronger the plywood becomes. Both the type of glue and veneers determine the suitability of a sheet for a particular application. The finish quality of plywood varies considerably, some plywood have attractive grains while others can contain knots. Plywood may be used inside and outside. Plywood is graded for exterior or interior use depending upon the water resistance of the glue used to stick the plies together. Code letters shows this grading on each sheet.

Sizes Available

2440 x 1220 3.6mm
2440 x 1220 5.5mm
2440 x 1220 9mm
2440 x 1220 12mm
2440 x 1220 15mm
2440 x 1220 18mm
2440 x 1220 24mm

*Any board less then 9mm is Non-Structural, All other boards are CE2+.

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