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These worksurfaces are manufactured from a synthetic surfacing material composed of an enhanced acrylic-based resin compound and natural mineral fillers. Benefits and features come from both the format of the product itself and the inherent characteristics of our solid surface material.

  • No MDF or particleboard substrate, a 100% true solid surface worktop!
  • Non-porous, so even in bathrooms there is no moisture ingress!
  • 25mm thick product format means that even Belfast sinks are compatible!
  • 100% solid surface to solid surface jointing face provides great joint strength!
  • The resultant joints are inconspicuous leaving a beautiful, seamless finish!
  • Cut-outs for appliances can be cut anywhere, no special modules needed!
  • Imaginative curves and shapes can be created with ease and no end-capping is required!
  • The 25mm thickness maximizes the natural strength and durability of solid surface.
  • The seamless jointing and non-porous surface means that bacteria is not harboured.
  • Has the ability to repel a large majority of the usual household chemicals and stains.
  • Even if highly concentrated chemicals are spilled onto the surface it may well only require replenishing.
  • Has great UV stability making it resistant to discolouration or fading.

Product Range:


3010 x 625 x 25mm
2800 x 670 x 25mm

Breakfast Bar
2000 x 900 x 25mm

12mm Sheet (Splashback/Panelling)

3010 x 625 x 12mm
2000 x 900 x 12mm

3010 x 100 x 12mm

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