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Sawn & Regularised
All of our carcassing timber is regularised and graded to C16 or C24, and is available in a complete range of lengths and widths. We also stock sawn tanalised timber in a range of selected sizes. We are happy to tanalise treat timber to your requirements.

= Available from Stock = Available from Stock - Treated & Untreated
Sizes not listed are available to order and all Carcassing can be treated.
For more details please call

Stock lengths (M) 2.4 3.0 3.6 4.2 4.8 5.4 6.0 6.6 7.2

38x63 CLS

38x88 CLS

47x50 (C16 or C24)

47x75 (C16 or C24)

47x100 (C16 or C24)

47x125 (C16 or C24)

47x150 (C16 or C24)

47x175 (C16 or C24)

47x200 (C16 or C24)

47x225 (C16 or C24)

47x250 (C16 or C24)

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47x300 (C16 or C24)

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75x75 (C16 or C24)

75x100 (C16 or C24)

75x150 (C16 or C24)

75x200 (C16 or C24)

75x225 (C16 or C24)

75x250 (C16 or C24)

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75x300 (C16 or C24)

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100x100 (C16 or C24)

100x200 (C16 or C24)

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100x225 (C16 or C24)

150x150 Ungraded

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